Cool cucumber


Why brine?
Why pickles?

The only way is to get imbued with the language brine.

No gherkin has ever pickled by diving into the brine for a couple of hours a week and then spending the rest of the time in running water. We think it to be quite an apt analogy for learning languages. But our lazy side, craving for the comfort of the known will sooner or later start sabotaging such a learning process. To assist learners to “pickle through” there has to be a kind mentor by their side, a guide, an angel (which translates from Hebrew as a “messenger, envoy”). Therefore: “Brine Angels”. Spot on and with a fair share of good humor. Especially that such an unorthodox name could give rise to cool associations and metaphorical thinking.

There is no magic pill or method which would make you speak any new language bypassing the natural way (and given our human faculties, why speak any other way besides native – if we can?) You don’t have to be a linguist to understand that. Have you learned your native tongue already? How? And how long did it take you? So why do you think that a new language may be learned via some tricky ways which have little to do with the nature’s way linking the human brain, reality and language units? BUT: knowing these ways, we can run through them quicker and get a native level on any language!

How does a cucumber get pickled? For sure not by dipping into the brine for a couple of hours twice a week and then happily diving into the stream of its everyday life which we consider to be made of “normal” water. This way the brine of the new language will always be seen as something foreign, outside-ish. The nature’s way is to get into that linguistic brine head, foot and soul – and start resolving all your real life’s interactions within this salty solution.

You understand all this even without my “revelations” but what has always stopped you was that insurmountable mountain of toil needed to reach that goal, which – as you think – will take away your actual life. And that of course is not your case. You’ll have to humble yourself and resign to the average.

But with the Brine Angels© technology you don’t have to dedicate extra time to a new language. You can built your real life around and through it. For the best result you would need a guide, and angel – a Brine Angel – thus the name of the approach.

Whom have I taught using my method? Well, it is not ‘my’ method – it’s the nature’s way – and the success stories are counted by billions – and you are one of them. I just analyzed and synthesized the nature’s way to fit a busy adult’s life. But whose learning I have personally influenced are: myself, my wife, my three children, hundreds of students whom I’ve met during my 25-year career teaching at ‘standard’ educational institutions and who dared to apply their method to their lives. So far we have a handful of testimonials which you can read at the Feedback page.

At the moment I am starting this project. After many years of teaching in the system I have realized that it is time to implement my teaching philosophy in all its purity on a mass level  – for the best results and my own professional satisfaction.