21 Days to Rewire Yourself


The initial 21 day course is a boot camp of sorts. It prepares you for learning languages according to the Brine Angels© technology which teaches you a ‘foreign’ language the way the natives learn it – ultimately taking you to the level of speaking like a native after a yearly program.

This course is required for our students and is designed to rewire how the interaction between the language and the reality happens inside of you.

The best result in learning a language is achieved if after this course you join our yearly program – individually or in a group, – in this case we promise that your command of the language will be on a native level.

You may take this course separately and not continue learning with us – it is totally up to you. It is guaranteed to clean up the understanding of how languages work and how your reality is constructed via a language, but apart from that this course is designed to refurbish your very standing in this world, to help you look at yourself in a new way and become a better you.

You may choose to continue learning the language according to the Brine Angels© technology on your own – all the general ideas are available in the chapters of the upcoming book and blog articles. It will take you a lot more effort to do so but it might be humanly possible.

At any rate, the 21 day crash course is known to burst your linguistic acumen and it would be a shame to give up the amazing discovery of a new language after such a start.

Will you learn a language in 21 days?

God, no. We are not teaching you to “speak in a week”. Our goal is to guide you to the native-command of a language and we do not deal in approximations of language abilities. You will definitely touch on something language-wise. You will be able to somehow communicate. But that is not the major purpose of the 21 day course.

The purpose of the course is to shake off the previous beliefs and settings which slowed down your natural learning abilities, to free your psychological state, to let you see the natural ways of discovering the world through a language and actually living your life via a certain language.

What you will do.

It is paramount that within those 21 days you dedicate your life fully to out course. Take a vacation, a leave of absence, or lead your usual life if it does not require intensive communication and deadlines – it is necessary for dedicating your time to the new ways of thinking, acting and reflecting reality, – so that nothing which needs to be resolved in the usual linguistic ways distracts you. But fear not – surprisingly you will not be toiling and crashing and ‘learning’ in the terrible academic sense of the word. You will rather unwind. Rest. Rediscover yourself. Do what you’ve always wanted to do when on vacation but didn’t have time. It will be your recharging vacation after which on day 22 you will appear as a new human being. It is a gem of a course in itself – even without the language-learning bounty!

The rewiring will happen on a ‘molecular’ level of your being. We will deal with not exactly what you do, but rather how you do it. We will question these ways, take them off the auto-pilot and clean them up, shake them a little – and at the same time introduce the language you want to learn – bit by bit, slowly, non-judgmentally, naturally. You will start seeing the world through the lens of another language!

You will not have to do anything that you “HAVE” to do. That is why it is important to be free from rush work obligations, from everyday routine requiring you to interact with people in your native language, from uncertainty and tension. We will guide you into rediscovering your own life, changing it if necessary, doing what you usually do and introducing what you always wanted to do, at the same time excluding rushed, unpleasant, energy-draining activities.

It is an adventure!

You may spend these 21 days on an uninhabited island, a resort in a foreign country, on a trip – or better yet, in your everyday environment, with your everyday things, in your own city. Just exclude the usual demands that the world claims from you. The most important object in all of this is you, and it doesn’t really matter what the outside reality is like, you simply must be present in it.

This game will require the constant presence of a brine angel near you. A brine angel will be your friend and you can let him or her into every aspect of your life. It will be not hard work, but meticulous and requiring constant awareness, presence – both on your side and that of the angel. But it is worth every bit of effort you will put into it.

The price of the 21 day course:

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Individual with an angel physically present: US$                            Sign up

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