Individual Work


The best results are achieved when an angel is always by your side to guide you.

If you are a professional who can afford best results in the shortest possible time, individual private work is available for you for both the Brine Angels© 21 Day Transformation Course and the Brine Angels© Yearly Program.

Personal consultations may happen at the location of your choice and will take just enough time for the best yield.

You will have to let the brine angel in on all spheres of your life (naturally, within the borders reason and business secrets) so that the angel could be able to create and structure your transformation process, bringing all aspects of your existence into the new language. You will be able to deal with any sphere of your life equally well in both the new language and your native one – this is the purpose of our learning technology. And isn’t it the aim of any decent learning?

We will dissect your life on a molecular level and will assemble it back together adding the new language to each little particle, establishing the necessary ties – for true bilingualism. At the same time this process allows you to refurbish your life in general on many other levels (from psychological to axiological to synergetical) – something you perhaps wanted to do all along but “life always kept getting in the way”, which is life’s internal feature. The angel will help you acquire the necessary skills to let the new language in, to discover and uphold the new life style and simultaneously preserve all the characteristics of your personal and business life styles. All this is guaranteed to happen within one year depending on how committed you will be to give yourself away to the new language. This is not hard, as it turns out, it requires only a pinch of determination and decision – the rest will be done by the language itself, your human wiring and the angel.

The ultimate purpose of your interaction with the angel is to become a native in the new language – owing and utilizing it for all spheres of your life – just like you do it with your first language. Your interaction with the language will never cease – just like it happens with the natives – they (and you!) use it to discover the world, learn new things, perform activities and overall bring changes to the world on all available levels. The presence of the angel in your life at later stages in the year will not be necessary, the aim of the course is to be able to relate to the reality and the language as part of this reality on your own. So the communication with the angel will be done they way it happens with your friends and business partners, including regular and on-demand personal meetings.

The price for the Brine Angels© 21 Day Course – request in a private message

The client also pays for the transportation and living of an angel at the chosen location.

The price for the Brine Angels© Yearly Program – request in a private message.

This includes the initial month of personal ‘tune-in’ process and daily availability of the angel to check on your progress and guide you as well as answer questions.

Additional meetings shall be scheduled and discussed as required.