One Year Course


One year course to speak a new language like a native.

This is the course that will turn your life around and make you a truly bilingual person with the native abilities in both languages (unless of course you wield more than two languages already, in which case you will simply add yet another tongue to your gamut on the linguistic palette).

This is not an intense language course. You will not have to dedicate special time to learn a language in class like some ‘foreign’, outsidish entity. The new language will permeate each molecule of your existence and become a part of you – just like your native language is now. It will not mean that your entire life will become a classroom for a year – quite the opposite, you will forget the ‘classroom’ metaphor for good. Learning will happen not through cramming and unwelcome effort, it will indeed be proper effort, but in the desired direction.

You will need a guide, an angel to guide you and cheer you on because a year is a time span pregnant with all possibilities, including the loss of faith, fatigue, boredom, inability to see the results, other interests, – to basically dip in head and tail into the brine when you think you have had enough of it the money notwithstanding. You need to dedicate this year fully to the requests of your angel, and then at the end of 12 months your language ability will explode into the firework of truly native command of the language.

“Can I better learn a language quicker? Even on a non-native level, if it is enough for me?” – say you.

Well, look back at your life and see for how long you have been learning a foreign language. Have you taken any courses? They might have helped you, but after some time (should I say, years?) of such learning, can you say you have mastered a language?

Now, how do you see yourself this month and date, a year ahead from now? Putting aside for a time what exactly you will be doing during that year, would you like to be able to happily and contentedly say that yes, now I have mastered a new language and can use it on a native level? Have you even had such thoughts all these past years when you tried learning languages?

Think one year back. And now, existing in the present moment, would you have liked to be able to say that you have spent your year the most interesting way AND on top of that learned a new language on a native level? I give you a real possibility to possess a native language ability after a year of interesting, eventful and non-artificial life.

What exactly will we do?

The good part is that you won’t have to scrape additional time to go two times a week to a school for a couple of hours or even dedicate those two weekly hours to purely studying a language at home. Remember the pickle metaphor? You will not get pickled with the language brine dipping yourself there for a couple of hours and then diving into a totally different, let’s say, even opposite, linguistic solution. The true learning of a language is not separating your life from it. But it doesn’t mean that you will have to study-study-study for a year in the classroom sense of the word.

Will will set up the mode of life where you will slowly, effortlessly and consistently transfer your entire existence onto the new rails of a new language. Or, using another metaphor, you will switch the language of your life computer’s operating system, preserving your computer, the hardware and software setup! You will lead your normal life (and we will even make it more interesting along the way!). Making your real life fully soak in the brine of another language can willy-nilly make you speak this language without additional effort. It will be the material of your real life, no artificial topics approximated to resemble real life, and you know that any artificial approximation is not ‘the thing’.

It is theoretically possible to do so on your own, without the help of Brine Angels© – but practically it is humanly impossible. Not because you cannot do it yourself, but because you don’t need to do it yourself. You are a professional who has better things to do rather than compose and create life around a new language. But if after reading the philosophy of Brine Angels© you agree with the methods and want to try – no problem, best of luck to you! You will reach the result but the price you pay will be extra time and effort spent on organizational issues which otherwise could have been spent following your life purpose.

Here is another metaphor for learning according to the Brine Angels© philosophy: you do not go against yourself or the circumstances, you actually give yourself away to the language, you let it permeate your life, you do not resist it.

Should you dive in or not?
It is truly a life dedication. Seriously – you are about to give away your life – one year of it – true and throbbing – to changing yourself. Is it worth it? Only you can decide. Will you have lost a year doing that? When I was envisioning this course this was exactly my concern. And I am happy to announce that the course is designed in such a way that you will not lose a jiffy of your year doing some unwelcome artificial additional stuff besides ‘your real life’. You will actually be living your real life – no trick about that! You will be doing everything you would have done this year – everything you were doing a year before and everything you will be doing a year from now – timewise, schedulewise, objects-and-people-around-you-wise. The only change is this ‘everything’ hardware will run on the operating system of a new language. And even though you are designed to seamlessly transfer from one such language to another and use them fully, you do need an angel by your side to make this transfer process happen.

Language is free and it is abundantly spread everywhere around you. You can reach out and get it.

You will pay for the angel’s work, time and effort to learn to reclaim your natural human ability and skill.

So how much is this yearly course?

You may choose to sign up for a group course where a brine angel will give general tasks and examples and exercises, having to think yourself about the proper application of the philosophy to your life,

or for an individual online patronage of a brine angel where we together will walk every step of your journey.

The full 12 months of the group online course – request information

The full 12 months of the individual online course – request information



How will we know that you perform these tasks? There will be constant feedback and spurring on, the angel will see everything anyway, – but most importantly, your language will be the show of how you master this language, We will be talking to you all the time, it is not difficult for an angel to see your progress (or absence thereof) on simple communication.

You may choose to pay monthly for this course – both within the group and individual option.

Monthly installments of the group online course: – request information

Monthly installments of the individual online course: – request information

There is yet another option for people who would like an angel to guide them through the linguistic transformation process in person – and this by far most result-yielding option. The details are described in section Individual Work.