Day 15 and on!

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So ladies and gentlemen, our free 14-day New Year Language Code Refurbishing Course is over. We really hope it made a change for the better in your life.


Here is something very personal: It was just a beginning for us – to share with the universe our personal knowledge this way, and we didn’t know many things – technical and mostly, how it works for people.


As we had agreed in the very beginning, in return for these two weeks we would very much appreciate if you give us your sincere feedback.

Write us an email or fire away with a private message on Facebook, WeChat or Skype.


Tell us everything you feel worthy to share, and on top of that, how useful for you this course was, what you think about the technology, its name, the tasks, the way we communicated with you, whether you’ve actually done any of the tasks, what difficulties stood in your way, how you think a course may be improved to engage you better.


We know that nothing is by chance and the fact that we met on this path means something. Let’s consider it a perfect chance for future networking. As an extra task – tell us about yourself, what you do, your interests, challenges, wishes – in English of course together with your review of the course.


We know our approach to learning languages works – it has worked for the founders of Brine Angels, for our families and kids, and a handful of close friends, not counting billions of people who are learning their native languages for God-knows-how-many centuries on this planet. We are just trying to intensify and shorten this natural process for adults who are discovering their second language.


As you probably know it is psychologically proven that a new habit forms within 21 days. With that idea in mind we have constructed our 21 Day Course of Building a New Language Code, a part of which was this 14-Day Course. If you wish to continue with the remaining 7 days of the complete course we offer you a special deal on it.


We will close down our 14-Day New Year Course Facebook page, WeChat and Skype groups. But instead we are offering you something better:


For the next 7 Days, starting Wednesday, Jan. 17, 2018 (that’s two days for you to think) you can get access to the rest of the 21-Day course with exclusive intensified tasks.


As I have mentioned, we are at the nascent stages of developing our course and have decided to pack it full with all the features of the individual online package.


You will complete the rewiring process which would allow you from then on to discover English easily and naturally – either on your own or together with the Brine Angels’ yearly course. The tasks will be custom-made and personalized, with increased accountability and support from our team, which will boost the results ten-fold.


You will be able to listen to daily podcasts with detailed explanations of the tasks and the philosophy, with actual examples and step-by-step scenarios on how to organize your daily life interweaving English into the context of your very existence.


On top of that during these 7 days we will offer two (!) hours of live personal online consultations with the Brine Angels – the founders of the course, using popular voice communication platforms. These two hours could be broken down into bitable daily pieces to suit your schedule and requirements.


Personal talks increase motivation and reveal many things which are hard to grasp on impersonal mass email lists.


What’s included in those consultations?

  • Assessment of your personal level.
  • Individual follow-up on all tasks (including those of the completed 14-Day course).
  • Construction of further individual tasks fine-tuned for your personality and way of life.
  • Review of the philosophy which drives your language usage and rewiring it to include a new language into the very fabric of your normal existence.
  • Building the fool-proof system of life management which helps transfer your way of life into the realm of English without making drastic changes to the actual schedules and routines.
  • Easy English practice with no judgment


Besides you will have a personal connection to your Brine Angel on a messenger convenient for all, where you can ask questions, vent and give your comments. We usually answer as soon as we see your message but due to time difference and work load that may take up to several hours.


We are offering these 7 days which would complete the 21-Day Rewiring Course

for 5,000 Rubles (500RMB, US$88)


Language is indeed free and flows abundantly everywhere. It is the time and energy of the one who helps you tune to that flow which costs money. Is your ability to wield a foreign language as if it were a native one worth any certain amount?

If so, take action.

Drop us a message via Skype, WeChat, Facebook or email

and we will make a personal arrangement.


Payment can be done via PayPal,, bank transfer, bank card transfer, WeChat, Kiwi – contact us for details.


Thank you very much and wishing you all the best,


We remain sincerely yours,

Brine Angels

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