No magic pill. But the technology is next to magic.

And you knew it all along. You, a magician.

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No magic pill. But the technology is next to magic.


Brine Angels© present…

Once we got your attention with this unusual name, let us invite you on an unorthodox – and yet most natural – new revolutionary approach to language learning.

The only true way to learn a new language is get pickled in the language brine throughout and thoroughly. Becoming a true old sea dog is not something you get by spending your time ashore.


Why do you learn a new language?


For the sake of the process of learning itself


to be able to ultimately speak it in any sphere of your life?


We dunk you in the new language immediately in all aspects of your own everyday life.


Oh yes it will get “messy and ugly” at first – but who cares?

If you think you don’t know the language “perfectly enough” look at little children, they start using their native language as “badly” as they can – but constantly and in all aspects of their lives. And you know what, they grow to be ‘native speakers’!


We offer you a technology which will allow you to break your linguistic barrier in 21 days and

learn to speak a new language like a native in one year.


You know what this means: better job options – including those abroad, wider horizons, stability, a guaranteed position of a much sought-after professional, more meaningful travels, access to various original resources and much more – insert your wildest dream here.


Learn English like a native!

For the 14 days of the Russian New Years Brine Angels© decided to offer our aspiring clients an unprecedented gift:


a lion’s share of the 21-Day Rewiring Course for learning English!


*Yes, ‘gift’ means absolutely FREE!

We are only starting our proven language learning technology on a large scale and want to run it for a limited time with such a thrilling beginning.

It’s yours for taking as soon as you sign up.

All we are asking in return is that you tell your friends about us (as you feel comfortable) and leave a comment about your experience with the Brine Angels©.

There is no catch – we give you a course, you give us your honest feedback.

From January 1 till January 14

you will undergo the full “unabridged” first 14 days of the complete course

with an option to finish the remaining 7 days for a fraction of the price –

or rest on the laurels of your newly found linguistic bliss and – if needs be – continue your journey on your own.


See the philosophy of the Brine Angels© at the page Cool Cucumber.


In a nutshell, you learn a language like natives do. Every second of every minute of every hour of every day you resolve your actual life issues using and learning the new language. Like a cucumber getting pickled by constantly being in the brine you imbibe the new language, being ‘reborn’ through overcoming certain habit-breaking difficulties and emerge a completely pickled bilingual fledgling. No gherkin ever pickled by diving into a new brine for an hour a week (or even – let’s say, an hour a day) while spending the remaining 23 hours in the flowing waters of another solution.

Sounds like a hard task?

Worry not, every step of the way you will be accompanied by a Brine Angel who will direct, advise, feed you new streams of brine, explain, support and inspire.

The idea of this ‘boot camp’ course is to break from the previous patterns in language learning (and the general outlook at life), acquire new patterns, tap into a new source of life sap. In the perfect world it requires retiring from your usual chores and worried for 21 days (a standard minimum for breaking old habits and establishing new ones) – and what can be better for that than the New Year holidays the length they are celebrated in Russia! : )

While others pay homage to gluttony, Bacchus and other unhealthy excesses you can afford to dedicate your vacation to improving yourself. And that doesn’t mean you will have to “go recluse”, – all the joys of life will be welcome (and moreover – necessary) – with the only requirement to follow the tasks of the Brine Angels© to the letter. The ultimate goal of the whole Brine Angels© technology is to make you a native speaker in one year, and the initial boost course will allow you to discover new horizons on this way.


You will exit your two-week span

on the other side of the first fortnight of 2018

a new person.

Doing exactly as your Brine Angels says for 14 days – is it too much of a price to pay for what is guaranteed? We promise, it will not be boring.

Moreover, it will be more fun-packed that your usual life, we will challenge you to the things you always wanted to do but did not believe you could. And all that on the pulsating fabric of your actual life, no artificial topics and tasks.


Sounds like fun?

Is it a worthy goal for entering a new year?

Dare to take a risk?



Then sign up for the

FREE 14 days

Brine Angels© English language rewiring course.


Here is what awaits you


For which level is this course?

Since the idea of Brine Angels© is to get soaked in a language – it doesn’t really matter how soaked you already are (the pun intended) – the techniques will make you imbued only more – which in language terms means a better command of the language than it already is.


Who we are

We are a team of linguists, programmers, educators and parents who have learned a massive amount of languages the natural way – and taught these to our kids, – but we never thought it was anything out of the ordinary. Turns out, there are people who want it. I mean, tongue in cheek, yeah, we knew it all along, but we never thought we could be the ones to offer our knowledge and skills via an internet school, making a tribe of followers. And yet – here we are.

For the New Year course your Brine Angel will be Tony Gao, the founder of Brine Angels©, a linguist, educator, parent and writer.


Here is what people say about the  technology:

A musician, composer, songwriter, musical producer.

The most difficult thing was – most likely – to make the decision to do it with the Brine Angels and to start; I remember a lot of things had to be reshuffled inside of me before I started. The major feeling: I had wanted it for so long and here it is – it finally commenced, this process of learning. I have realized that I like to study : ) This gives me wings, inspires, makes life wider, more joyful, purer, brighter, clearer, it brought me back to my university years (in the good sense of the word) – as the psychological state : ) As funny as it is, I started writing more song lyrics which became more (commercially) successful.

An educator, author of a language learning methodology, writer

Learning languages naturally – what can be better and easier? When I discovered this for myself it was like a brave new world opening up before my own eyes. The boring academic world is only for reference; languages live – they live in your everyday life. Learning about the Brine Angels idea was like a breath of fresh air, and I guarantee you will not only get the best possible results but also a lot of fun along the way.

A linguist, translator, owner of a translation company, technical writer, parent

I came to the founders of Brine Angels with fluent German, advanced English, and a clear purpose – improving my written English for the purposes of technical writing. Intensive everyday work that is intriguing, challenging and fun is what gives you best results, and that is the approach of Brine Angels.


If you want to give it a go, now is the time! It can’t get any better. Try it out, you don’t have to believe any explanations and theoretical babble – take the Brine Angels© technology for a test dive – it costs you nothing (besides the already obsolete habits and beliefs you had to get rid of long ago anyway).

Register below. If you have not received our confirmation instantaneously please check your Spam folder.

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