Denis Kopytov, a musician, composer, songwriter, musical producer

Started the course with virtually zero knowledge of English.

The feedback after his 21-Day pattern-breaking course (originally written in Russian except for the last two lines in italics)

The most difficult thing was – most likely – to make the decision to do it and to start; I remember a lot of things had to be reshuffled inside of me before I started. I haven’t experienced any major difficulties, with the only exception of there being many unknown words. I started the course while vacationing in my summer cottage, and later I had to drive around a lot and I automatically listened to English audio as if it were simple radio. The major feeling: I had wanted it for so long and here it is – it finally commenced, this process of learning. I have realized that I like to study : ) This gives me wings, inspires, makes life wider, more joyful, purer, brighter, clearer, it brought me back to my university years (in the good sense of the word) – as the psychological state : ) As funny as it is, I started writing more song lyrics which became more (commercially) successful. As I am listening to lectures in English in the field of my professional interest – I have already discovered many important ideas in the professional sense. As for whether it was easy or difficult: everything was easy and natural. I have an overall impression that if I master grammar, learn unknown words and start speaking without the Russian accent, this is what I have always been after. I have noticed that when I write text messages in Russian I started expressing my thoughts very much according to the logic of the English language. In the mornings my first thoughts are in English. When I speak with my folks or with people in a store – or somewhere I’m translating in English what I say in my brain :))) English is a language. So that’s all:))) I’m very glad to be doing these things with my English guru! Good luck