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The concerned community on all possible media ask me:

What is this whole listening thing about?
Do we have to listen to it non-stop for a month?
Is it normal that I feel repulsed when listening non-stop?

And I am happy to answer:

Yes, in this language-code rewiring course you have to listen to spoken English non-stop for at least those 14 days (ideally, a month).

There was a time when I was concerned that my previous students reported happiness and lack of fatigue when listening non-stop. But he skyrocketed in English after those 21 days, started doing grammar exercises on his own, there is no stopping him.

Because yes, sooner or later you have to reach that point when you feel repulsed, hateful towards English, full to the brim, sick of English, ready to throw up. This is normal.

And this is the tipping point when your actual learning is about to snowball.

Here is how it should work in the perfect world: When you start hating this whole English listening thing you feel like withdrawing, having a rest, stopping for a while or for good depending on how it goes. But I challenge you not to stop – not to withdraw, but go through this whole situation – your feelings notwithstanding – and exit on the opposite side of this whole shenanigan. That is – not to go back to where you started BUT go right through and exit on the other end. In other words that English substance which filled you to the brim and you can’t hold it any more – let it overflow, so that you turn into a vessel through which flows an unobstructed endless language flow.

That said, I realize that it might not be possible to listen actually non-stop. But I encourage you to listen at all possible times whenever you can.

On the other side of this language torture you are supposed to see a certain revelation, a new feeling of the language.

A little tip: Try not listening but hearing spoken English. It is important that you go about your usual routines and not pay attention to the sounds of English.

See, the idea is to get pickled through and stay in the brine as long as it takes. Of course your old self is trying to push the new away. Do yourself a favor – linger in for a bit more. Let’s assess whether it worked at the end of the 14 days.

Tell me how you feel, tell me what you think. Who doesn’t feel like throwing up?

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